v1.2 1/31/2021

Added a new section on using middleware to control route access and views.

v1.1 1/26/2021

New page added on handling errors.

v1.0 1/20/2021

  • Add pagination example.
  • Launch site at 1.0

v.07 1/16/2021

Add a page on basic authorization.

v0.6 1/14/2021

Add a new page on API resources.

v0.5 1/13/2021

Added two new pages on how to upload a user's avatar.

v0.4 1/11/2021

Add a new page that provides an overview for setting up hosting using Netlify & Laravel Forge.

v0.3.1 1/10/2021

Add missing .env setup for Laravel Sanctum.

v0.3 1/10/2021

Fixed prev and next links by changing file names and updating the position frontmatter.

v0.2 1/9/2021

Added tooling pages for using Insomnia and Postman along with Laravel Telescope.

v0.1 1/3/2021

Initial release with instructions on how to setup Laravel and Vue. Authentication documentation expalins how to use Sanctum and Fortify with Vue as a sperate SPA.